Environment Protection

Protecting the environment is one of the most important goals of Future Petroleum that has been explicitly emphasized in the mission statement of the company. We are trying to avoid environment pollution while attracting quality products and customer satisfaction.


  • Attempting in production of high quality and multi grade engine oils with maximum life time which means saving in raw material. 
  • Observing environmental considerations in determining formulation of new products and supervising quality control of production in order to improve the quality of the products compatible with environment. 
  • Providing technical and specialized training for consumers, attempting to promote the consumption culture and selection of best engine oil by holding training courses is among the measure taken by our company for protecting the environment. 
  • Using label instructions on the packing of engine oil in order to promote consumption culture for observing environmental concerns. 
  • Holding different training courses on environmental standards to promote culture and knowledge of our staff is among other activities for conserving natural environment. 
  • Planning and implementing different technical project for benefiting from modern technology to decrease environmental damage.

Important plans of future petroleum to prevent environmental pollution include:

  • Execution, maintenance and improvement of environmental management system.
  • Confirmation with refinery environmental policy.
  • Reporting about environmental management system to improve environmental management systems.
  • Determining training requirements of personnel whose jobs may affect the environment.
  • Operational control and conformity with short term and long term environmental plans of FP.
  • Periodical evaluation according to environmental rules and regulations.
  • Execution of plans for periodic audit of environmental management system.
  • Prevention of recycling non sanitary waste.
  • Separation of wastes.
  • Observing on collecting and digging of wastes.
  • Personnel training according to less wastes.
  • Separation of paper and plastic training for staff.
  • Improving environmental instruction for Personnel by installation of environmental signs.
  • Holding environmental competition for informing and persuading of personal.
  • Upgrading environmental concerns in company strategic plans.
  • Efficient use of material and resources for prevention form environmental pollutions.
  • Efficient use of engineering refinery for prevention of pollution.
  • Adapting goals and policy of environment and commitment to prevention form pollution.
  • Execution of chemical test of water to check the quality of drinking water.
  • Preparation of material safety data sheet and collection of all specifications of chemical materials used in different section of refinery and consideration of its effects and influences on environment and people.
  • Preparation of a list composed of environmental effects and consequences and also control of environmental aspects regarding to operation and strategic plans and also FP policy.